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Established in 1970 and located in the prestigious Burlington Arcade, our reputation at Somlo Antiques has developed through our excellent customer service and dedication to the preservation of horology’s past.

The satisfaction of our clientele is important to us and our passion extends beyond being able to offer expertise and a service that can be relied upon. As a member of the British Antique Dealers Association (BADA) we are obliged to adhere to their strict code of conduct and regulations when selling vintage and antique timepieces.


400 years of horology

The science of measuring time, has over a number of centuries produced vintage watches and antique pocket watches that are works of art and a triumph of craftsmanship.

Our stock of timepieces covers 400 years of horology. From early 16th Century pre-balance spring watches, fine quality enamels, complicated repeaters and elegant Art Deco cocktail watches, to contemporary wrist watches by well-known leading watch houses.

We pride ourselves on acquiring the very best examples to satisfy even the most discerning of watch collectors.

since 2007
OMEGA Vintage Boutique

As well as our expansive range of timepieces that explore horology’s fascinating past, Somlo Antiques are proud to have an association with OMEGA and be the world’s first and only OMEGA Vintage Boutique.

OMEGA is a company that’s rich and expansive history in the development of fine precision timepieces is over one-hundred years old, with creations as diverse as those to grace the pocket of a noble gentleman to timekeepers that aid man’s exploration upon surface of the Moon and the unknowns of Space.

Half our store is dedicated to vintage OMEGA jewellery watches, wristwatches and pocket watches- with each timepiece provided with a two-year OMEGA Vintage guarantee and certificate of authenticity.

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