Since 2007, Somlo Antiques has collaborated with OMEGA.

Not only do we stock iconic OMEGA models such as the Speedmaster, Seamaster and Constellation, half our store is dedicated to representing their history and the unique models not found today such as the Medicus that would aid Doctors of the 1930's, timepieces issued to the military personnel, the ergonomically tested Dynamic range, watches bombarded with tungsten and Flightmasters to aid professional and amateur pilots.

A History

The history of OMEGA is rich with feats of engineering skill and record breaking precision. One cannot help but be fascinated by it. Their endeavours, be they on land, at great ocean depths or at extraordinary altitudes have never failed to capture the imagination.

The OMEGA Vintage Boutique, part of Somlo Antiques, is where one can find the history of OMEGA represented through their technical and aesthetic advances in timekeeping.

It is home to the intriguing story of a company that has  aided in the discovery of ground breaking ideas and engineering that will support generations to come, be it through the Olympic Games and other peaceful sporting competitions, charitable organisations, constant innovation and invention or, man’s legacy outside the comfort of Earth’s atmosphere and into the mystery of Space.

OMEGA have become the timekeepers to man’s endeavour to push the limits of endurance.

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Our History