MATERIAL: 18ct Yellow Gold

MOVEMENT: Manual Mechanical



Piaget is acclaimed for its precision movements and unique, fascinating designs that delight and amaze the world over.
It was Georges Piaget that founded the company in 1874 however, it’d be his subsequent generations that helped the Piaget brand evolve from a supplier of movements to some of the best brand names in Switzerland, to a prestigious brand in its own right.

As the brand evolved and grew through the years, so too did its creations, shifting with the ever changing face of fashion. During the 1950’s super thin watches were desired among the high society and so, Piaget developed its Ultra-Thin ranges that sought to take advantage of clients demand to push the limits of watchmaking and with great success. In creating the calibre 12P, Piaget constructed what would be known until 1967 as, the thinnest automatic wristwatch in the world.

The brand then shifted its design focus, fashioning watches that were based more around jewellery concepts. Piaget bought many jewellers to have strict control over the quality of the pieces being produced and the timepieces then crafted were both diverse and exotic. The case construction was bold in its flourish of organic creativity and striking freedom of design, with bold textures and unparalleled forms setting Piaget apart from other watch brands of the period. There was also a lavish use of stones; from tiger’s eye to opal, embellishing not only the cases but the dials.

By investing so much into jewellery watches, Piaget was able to craft timepieces that not only set trends and defined eras but stood the test of time. Their watches are unique, bold statements- many of which made in limited quantities in order to maintain both their prestige and unrivalled excellence.

World History

- NASA's Explorer 1, the first American satellite and Explorer program spacecraft, re-enters Earth's atmosphere after 12 years in orbit.

- In Washington, D.C., 100,000 people demonstrate against the Vietnam War.

- American musician Jimi Hendrix dies.


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