MADE: 1963

MATERIAL: 18ct Yellow Gold

MOVEMENT: Manual Mechanical


Gilbert Albert came to produce several lines for OMEGA in the early 1960’s. Previously, Albert had become head of Patek Philippe’s jewellery department, won ten Diamonds International awards – two of which were in association with OMEGA and, was winner of the Prix de la Ville de Genève; awarded every four years to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the culture of Geneva, Switzerland.

The jewellery collection designed by Gilbert Albert for OMEGA in the early 1960’s was an outstanding success and mesmerizing combination of jewellery design form and functionality of timepiece. The official collection that subsequently followed was named Jeux D’Or, with models inspired by natural forms such as smoke rings, coral and stepping stones.
The ‘Pave D’Or’ collection is designed around the geometric concept of pebbles and stepping stones, symbolising the passing of time through the notion of movement and travel.

World History

- The Beatles record their debut album Please Please Me in a single day at the Abbey Road Studios in London.

- The 35th Academy Awards ceremony is held. Lawrence of Arabia wins Best Picture.

- Vostok 6 takes off carrying Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman into space.


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