MADE: 1971

MATERIAL: Yellow Gold Capped

MOVEMENT: Automatic



The OMEGA Seamaster Memomatic was to be the world’s first alarm wristwatch where both the alarm function and time were powered by one single mainspring and also, the first alarm wristwatch were one could easily see the set time the alarm would strike by way of two rotational discs in the centre of the dial showing the hours and minutes, without distracting from viewing the current time.
When one thinks of a timepiece intended as an alarm, one may assume it would be made to wake you up. The Memomatic was instead an alarm that would remind you of an event or task. When set off, its alarm is a charming purr, created when the hammer within the timepiece strikes a vibrating blade.

First released in 1970, the case design came in two variations. Both a ‘Pilot Style’ case, reminiscent of the Flightmaster or alternatively, a faceted and sun brushed barrel shape design. The dial also had a very distinctive, 1970’s feel with three variations- a silvered sun brushed effect, sun brushed silvered alarm dial with the outer hour ring in a single colour for example blue or gilt and, with a grey alarm dial surrounded by a grey and black hour ring upon which is set orange markers that complement the vivid orange centre seconds hand.
The OMEGA Seamaster Memomatic truly evokes the feel of the 1970’s, combining functionality with a minimalist sci-fi edge and clever complication.

World History

- Apollo 14, carrying astronauts Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa, and Edgar Mitchell, lands on the Moon.

- Coco Chanel, French fashion designer, passes away at the age of 87.

- Jackie Stewart becomes Formula One World Drivers' Champion


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