MADE: 1976

MATERIAL: Stainless Steel




In an age of fascination with new found ‘Quartz’ movements and, spurred on by the excitement of modern technical advances, the OMEGA Seamaster Chrono-Quartz 32 KHz was a breakthrough in the advancement of horology. Fitted with the calibre 1611; the so-called ‘Albatross’ calibre, it would be first ever hybrid electric movement combining both analogue display for hour function with double LCD display, both driven by the same quartz resonator.
Built in 1975 it was first launched in 1976 for the Montreal Olympic Games with a bold design the delighted clients the world over.

It was subsequently presented to the Astronaut Charles M. Duke (Apollo 16, April 16-26th, 1972) when he visited OMEGA’S Olympic timers during the Montreal Olympics.
When asked in 1999 by The Guardian Newspaper (London and Manchester, September 4th) what objects he always carried with him, Duke’s answer was ‘My identity card and my OMEGA!’

World History

- The Cray-1, the first commercially developed supercomputer, is released by Seymour Cray's Cray Research.

- Apple Computer Company is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

- Racing Champion Niki Lauda suffers serious burns in the German Grand Prix.


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