MADE CIRCA: 1750 (Case c.1700)

MATERIAL: Yellow Gold & Enamel

MOVEMENT: Verge Movement



Hoendschker was a maker of fine timepieces based in Dresden, Germany during the 18th Century. He is attributed to a variety of fine timepieces created for nobility including a chatelaine created for Queen Marie Antoinette, which can be found in the Drexel Collection and a precious stone and cameo encrusted timepiece created for Barbara Palmer, 1st Duchess of Cleveland, Countess of Castlemaine and mistresses of King Charles II of England.


The three Huaud brothers came from a family of Goldsmiths and enamel painters originating in Châtelleraut, France. Pierre II, Jean-Pierre and his brother Ami (Amicus) all became apprentices to their father, Pierre Huaud and subsequently went on to build successful careers in the art of enamel work.

While the eldest brother, Pierre II, established his own career as appointed enamel painter to Frederick III Elector of Brandenburg and first King of Prussia, the two younger brothers completed their apprenticeship and established their own career together as Les Fréres Huaud.
Jean-Pierre and Ami consequently went on to follow in their eldest brother’s footsteps, following him to Berlin where they too worked with Frederick III. They led a successful career together painting numerous biblical and mythological scenes, with their signature style being miniature country scenes painted upon the case edge and inner case back.

The case of this particular timepiece was made far earlier than the movement. This is due to it being commonplace in the 18th Century to replace the movement in particularly expensive and beautiful cases in order to take advantage of technological advances in horology.
Examples can be found in numerous museums and private collections.

World History

- The German Composer Johann Sebastian Bach passes away at the age of 65.

- Westminster Bridge is officially opened in London.

- Riots break out in Paris, fuelled by rumours of police abducting children.


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