MATERIAL: 20ct Yellow Gold


Charles Colins & Söhne were active between 1815 – 1870 in Hanau, Germany. Charles Colins initially created gold boxes with his wife, Anna Petronella Souchay (1753-1851), daughter of the goldsmith Marc Andre Souchay (1730-1811) who he married in Hanau on 15 January 1776. They formed the company Souchay & Colin then subsiquently created the company Charles Colins & Söhne after Anna and Charles had thirteen children.

The company was closely tied with eminent goldsmith Jean-George Rémond of Geneva as Rémond's eldest daughter, Jeanne Anne Thérèse, married Charles Colins's son, Jacques Charles Colins. The two companies Charles Colins Söhne of Hanau and Jean-George Rémond of Geneva and Hanau are famous for the gold boxes they created.

Johann Daniel Berneaud (born 1773 in Hanau, died 1861 in Hanau) trained as an enamel painter in Geneva and worked with Antoine Carteret for some time. Around 1814 he returned to his native town of Hanau and worked for several manufacturers of gold goods. Berneaud decorated a number of gold boxes with his paintings; he favoured allegorical motifs and flowers. It is said that Goethe was one of Berneaud’s admirers. This was also the time when Berneaud began receiving commissions from the Turkish sultanate.

World History

- The marriage of Napoleon and Joséphine is annulled. Napoleon marries Marie-Louise of Austria.

- King George III of the United Kingdom is recognized as insane.

- Polish composer and pianist Frédéric Chopin is born.


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