MATERIAL: 18ct Yellow Gold

MOVEMENT: Manual Mechanical



Barraud & Lunds, was founded by Paul Philip Barraud, son of Huguenot watchmaker Francis-Gabriel Barraud in 1796.

After the death of Paul Philip Barraud in 1820, his son Frederick Joseph Barraud took over the company added John Richard Lund, a chronometer maker, to their business in 1838.

The company had a long-standing reputation for high-quality timepieces, including marine chronometers, clocks and watches and by the middle of the nineteenth century, the firm had extensive foreign markets.
Barraud chronometers could be found on vessels such as H.M.S. Africaine in 1810 and H.M.S. Alceste in 1816.
During the year 1810, H.M.S. Africaine served in the Baltic, was the first to arrive as reinforcement during the disastrous battle between the British and French at Battle of Grand Port and was captured by the French and re captured by the British several times during its mission to rescue injured soldiers.
And H.M.S. Alceste was deployed on a diplomatic mission to China in 1816, during which the British government sought stronger ties with China and so sent diplomat William Amherst to inform the emperor of peace in Europe and to offer Britain's friendship.

Barraud & Lunds supplied watches and chronometers to Wm. C. Bond & Company of Boston, USA for a number of projects including the first American railroad watch, furnished to the Vermont Railroad by Bond & Company.

John Lund would also go on to collaborate with London based clockmaker Herbert Blockley to supply timepieces to the Royal Geographic Society for their polar expeditions in 1875.

Paul Philip Barraud was also the great-great-grandfather Mahler Francis Barraud, known for the familiar logo of "His Masters Voice" depicting his dog Nipper next to a gramophone.

World History

- Elections to the new Parliament of Finland are the first in the world for a national assembly with woman candidates, as well as the first elections in Europe where universal suffrage is applied. Nineteen women are elected.

- The first ever "ball drop" is held in Times Square.

- President Theodore Roosevelt proclaims that Oklahoma has become the 46th state in the United States.


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