MATERIAL: Gold & Enamel

MOVEMENT: Verge Escapement


In an age where timepieces were seen as either an important timekeeper or toy of sorts for the elite and wealthy, pieces such as this little Tulip bud form watch would delight and amuse high society of the day.

During the 1800's it was becoming more and more fashionable for those with great wealth to travel to places in Europe such as France and Switzerland and bring back souvenirs. Switzerland was becoming home to a great many famed watch makers and enamelists so it would be only natural to return home with a timepiece to represent your trip. The actual accuracy of watches such as this were not important, as they were used more as a way to show off ones wealth at dinner parties or functions.

It is not uncommon for watches such as this to be unsigned as many were retailed by the finest stores in Switzerland. A retailer would never want the name of a maker on such items as it was seen to diminish the company name.

World History

- HMS Beagle is launched at Woolwich Dockyard. It would later be used by Charles Darwin to develop his theory of evolution.

- Hans Christian Ørsted discovers the relationship between electricity and magnetism.

- George IV becomes King of the United Kingdom upon the death of his father, George III.


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